HRD Software, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Ham Radio Deluxe version 6.2.10; major upgrades and fixes included.

The HRD development team has added several significant enhancements to Ham Radio Deluxe, including adding support for Windows 10, adding support for the Yaesu FT-767GX and the IC-9100 Version 2 Firmware, and of interest to many users, the ability to have multiple HRD user profiles on the same computer with individual user logins.

Also, the HRD development team worked tirelessly over the last several months to address Windows rights and permissions issues related to security policies updated by Microsoft.

The release of HRD Version 6.2.10, build 377 addresses issues which were solved previously by workaround fixes:

· Invalid Attribute/Option Identifier when attempting to perform database functions and other permissions related issues
· Cannot save “My Station”
· DM-780 errors with macros
· Saving layouts in any application
· Unspecified error on starting Logbook
· Encountered Improper Argument
· "Cannot create file" when attempting LOTW functions

This is just a small sampling of the improvements to HRD. Complete information on the release is contained on the HRD website at

HRD managing partner Rick Ruhl, W4PC says “The feedback from our development staff and beta test team indicates this is the most solid release yet.”

Mike Carper, WA9PIE, said ”The 6.2.10 release is the best release we've ever produced!”

As always, HRD is available to “try before you buy,” with a complementary 30-day trial that includes live technical support. Now is the best time ever to try out HRD or renew your support package!